Mark Jones Named New PBP Announcer For Kings

Get to know Mark Jones who has been named the Kings' new play-by-play announcer From earlier this year: Meet Mark Jones: From College Player to NBA’s Play-by-Play Ringer by Ray LeBov Simply put, Mark Jones understands the game. He sees how all the pieces, players and plays fit on a basketball court, sure, but the former Canadian college player also knows how to synthesize and communicate all those moving parts to the audience while always following Rule No. 1: Let the game do the talking. Just like a valuable teammate knows when to take the shot, pass or just do the unseen dirty work, Jones has perfected the balance of leading center stage while also ceding it. Having expertly covered a broad variety of sports during his 29 years with ESPN, he often teams with legendary analyst and former coach Hubie Brown on the network’s NBA telecasts and is widely acknowledged as one of the league’s best play-by-play announcers.

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